Advance Gynaecolgical Endoscopy

One of the few people in Delhi qualified and practicing advanced Gynaecological Endoscopy exclusivly (minimally invasive surgery in women's disease) less than 10% of European doctors are versatile in this Type of Surgery.

Advanced Infertility treatments

Infertility can be attributed to the female partner one third of the time,the male partner one third of the time and both partners in the remaining one third of the cases.

Day Care Hysterectomy

All gynecological surgeries are being done by this technique which is much nicer for the patient as it cuts down costs and the patient can get back to her normal activities much sooner.

Life beyond menopause

WOMEN A recent discussion stressed on how menopause is a phase that needs special attention, not an illness

Vomiting In Pregnancy

“Morning Sickness” is a commonly used term for vomiting in pregnancy.

Manchanda's Endoscopic Center (MEC)' has been recognised as IAGE training centre

We are now accredited by IAGE ( Indian association of Gynaecological Endoscopists) society

Manchanda's Endoscopic Center consists of the best Gynae-Endoscopic surgeons and this is exactly why we are the No.1 Gynaecological Endoscopy center in Delhi.
We always make use of the most advanced invasive procedure for all women who need gynecological surgery. If you want to know more, please speak to our experts for a free consultation.